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EnRoads Paving is your go to partner for parking lot maintenance, paving, and concrete services for all of your assets across the United States. Based out of Chicago, we operate on local and national platforms, bringing you the quality and service you demand, at the value you deserve.


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Pavement Consulting

Your assets’ needs can be costly, staying ahead of your parking lot maintenance will increase the value of your asset. With our professional pavement management plans, due diligence, consulting, and budgeting, we will maximize your asset's full potential.


Asphalt paving is our bread and butter. Full depth removal and replacement of your entire lot, Mill and overlays, patching, or pothole filling. We do it all.  No parking lot is created equally, and neither is the solution. Meeting your assets' paving needs is of the utmost importance.


Concrete is structural integrity. Whether it's sidewalks, curbs, loading docks, or entire lots, concrete sets the tone and structure of your asset. The longevity of concrete is key, it lasts three to four times as long as asphalt, saving you money and increasing the value of your asset.


Sealcoating is the most cost-effective form of parking lot maintenance. Sealcoating reintroduces the oils back into your pavement, increasing the longevity of your parking lot through the seasons. Not only does it protect your asphalt, but it also significantly improves the aesthetic value of your asset.

Catch Basins

Water is the enemy of asphalt and concrete. Improper drainage can lead to standing water, sinkholes, and failure of your parking lot’s structure. Maintaining catch basins is integral to the proper drainage of your parking lot. Repairs to catch basins include partial rebuilds, full replacement, or collars that can be replaced in concrete or asphalt, depending on your budget.

Lot Marking

The final touch. Lot marking will be the first and last thing seen on the ground of your asset. Intricate and accurate striping, and keeping up with village, city, and state codes, will keep your asset compliant and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it is a completely new layout or a restripe per the existing layout, there is no design too complicated to maintain your traffic flow.

Crack Sealing

Keep your base intact. Asphalt will crack over time due to normal seasonal wear and tear, keeping water from getting to the base of your parking lot and damaging its structural integrity, is the name of the game. Crack seal does exactly this, by filling the cracks in your parking lot, you will increase the longevity and value of your asset.


Signage is constantly fluid. Keeping up with village, city, and state codes will keep your asset compliant. ADA signage (American Disabilities Act) must be monitored and upheld on your asset to keep your tenants, clients, and employees safe. Whether it is ADA, stop and yield, or custom signage, we can fulfill all your signage needs.

New Construction

Our team has over 40 years of combined construction experience in the Chicagoland area. Partnering with prominent general contractors to achieve aggressive project schedules, on time and under budget is what we do.